Real Updates, Patreon, New Videos

Hi everybody! I am working over the next several days to update the website, youtube videos, and generally make things easier to find. Many years ago, a friend bought the website and has graciously hosted it for us over the years. I finally convinced him that I should probably be in charge of handling that, especially because it isn’t free! I transferred the site to my services, and it has given me trouble ever since. [Read More]

New Site

Check out the new website! Pages are coming soon with lots of updated materials. I have started a new github site where all the materials for courses will appear, to make it easier for you to find everything you need. I have provided entire courses for you to take yourself, use for your classroom, etc. If you are an instructor and want to check out the answer keys, please drop me a line by using the email icon at the bottom of the screen. [Read More]