A Plan for Open Access Updates

So! Here’s the plan we are working on to update everything with official details: JASP + OSKB: The JASP pages on OSF are all updated: https://osf.io/t56kg/ I have built the structure for the JASP page with the OSKB … it’s still pending as of October 12, but you will be able to find it at this link when they approve it: https://www.oercommons.org/courseware/lesson/73379 In discussions with the OSKB today, we are going to put together a few promotional materials to help everyone find the community including a paper for the JASP materials, a presentation at Midwestern Psychological Association, and a twitter poster for the Society of Teaching of Psychology. [Read More]

JASP Videos + Guides

Hey everybody! I am back and finally getting to videos again. I hesistate to say “it’s been crazy!” because I feel like that’s always a thing that academics say, but I will say I’ve had a lot of life going on, and I am finally getting back to a normal amount of crazy. I’ve decided to do some simple videos to start - so I am creating how-to videos to go with our JASP guides we created this summer. [Read More]