A Plan for Open Access Updates

So! Here’s the plan we are working on to update everything with official details: JASP + OSKB: The JASP pages on OSF are all updated: https://osf.io/t56kg/ I have built the structure for the JASP page with the OSKB … it’s still pending as of October 12, but you will be able to find it at this link when they approve it: https://www.oercommons.org/courseware/lesson/73379 In discussions with the OSKB today, we are going to put together a few promotional materials to help everyone find the community including a paper for the JASP materials, a presentation at Midwestern Psychological Association, and a twitter poster for the Society of Teaching of Psychology. [Read More]

Real Updates, Patreon, New Videos

Hi everybody! I am working over the next several days to update the website, youtube videos, and generally make things easier to find. Many years ago, a friend bought the statstools.com website and has graciously hosted it for us over the years. I finally convinced him that I should probably be in charge of handling that, especially because it isn’t free! I transferred the site to my services, and it has given me trouble ever since. [Read More]

New Site

Check out the new website! Pages are coming soon with lots of updated materials. I have started a new github site where all the materials for courses will appear, to make it easier for you to find everything you need. I have provided entire courses for you to take yourself, use for your classroom, etc. If you are an instructor and want to check out the answer keys, please drop me a line by using the email icon at the bottom of the screen. [Read More]

The Year of the Thesis

The Year of the Thesis! Just wanted to highlight several publications from this year, which were mostly theses from some fabulous young researchers: Scofield, J.E., Kostic, B., & Buchanan, E.M. (2019). How the presence of others affects desirability judgments in heterosexual and homosexual participants. Archives of Sexual Behavior, X, XX–XX. doi: 10.1007/s10508-019-01516-w Maxwell, N.P. & Buchanan, E.M. (2019). Investigating the interaction of direct and indirect relation on memory judgments and retrieval. [Read More]

New Publications

Just updated my CV - here’s a few new publications and conferences! The weird thing about the automatic CV updater I wrote is that you can’t really predict what order the same year publications are going to be in - not that it matters in general, but it’s an interesting side effect. Also, super proud - both of these are student theses turned papers: Maxwell, N.P. & Buchanan, E.M. (2019).Investigating the interaction of direct and in-direct relation on memory judgments and retrieval. [Read More]

Multilevel Modeling Workshop Materials

Many thanks to Rutgers University Spanish and Portuguese Department (https://span-port.rutgers.edu/) for asking me to come talk about multilevel models. I enjoyed talking to the group, meeting Twitter friends in real life!, and I am especially impressed by what their department is doing in what is often considered a qualitative science. I used RStudio’s Cloud to share a workspace with all the materials, packages, and other information you might need. I built the slide show using markdown, so that people could watch the slides and/or take their own notes. [Read More]

Line Endings Are Dumb

I have happily acquired a new Mac Book (yay!) and a new work computer (Windows). So, I’ve been making One Drive exceedingly unhappy moving GBs of file from one to another. As I was working on reconnecting my GitHub repositories to the files, I was trying to understand why several of my repos were saying I had a bunch of file changes but nothing in the files themselves had changed. I noticed they were mostly . [Read More]

JASP Videos + Guides

Hey everybody! I am back and finally getting to videos again. I hesistate to say “it’s been crazy!” because I feel like that’s always a thing that academics say, but I will say I’ve had a lot of life going on, and I am finally getting back to a normal amount of crazy. I’ve decided to do some simple videos to start - so I am creating how-to videos to go with our JASP guides we created this summer. [Read More]

Quick and Dirty Categorical lavaan

I was tagged today on twitter asking about categorical variables in lavaan. I will say I have not done much with categorical predictors either endogenous or exogenous. I did a quick reproducible example of exogenous variables, and I will refer you to the help guide for lavaan here. You will need both the lavaan and psych packages to reproduce this code. Ironically, this data is binary outcome data (the epi dataset in psych), which wasn’t intentional, I just knew it was a good dataset to work with to test how to do exogenous categorical variables. [Read More]

New Publications and Updated CV

Hi guys! I just wanted to post that I’ve updated the website to be current with some new publications I wanted to highlight: First up is two papers on psycholinguistics that were undergraduate student projects: Duncan, J., Buchanan, E.M., Marshall, C.Z., & Oberdieck, K. (accepted). But words will never hurt me, Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, X, XX-XX. PDF Forbes, F.-J., & Buchanan, E. M. (accepted). “Textisms”: The Comfort of the Recipient, Psychology of Popular Media Culture, X, XX-XX. [Read More]